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Hellooo!!! Happy Sunday!  I’ve had a different type of Sunday today, it’s my Mum’s birthday today, so we’ve been out doing fun things, celebrating, eating far too much cake (me, not her so much) and visiting our fave yarn shop of … Continue reading

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Machine Washable Mishaps…..

Hellooooo!!! And Happy Thursday to you!  Even though I’ve been posting quite frequently lately, I wanted to post the scarf I finished last week, otherwise time will go by and like many other projects, I’ll forget to post it and … Continue reading

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Helloooooo!!!! I’m trying to pick a lovely summery colour for the words in this post to match these lovely spring flowers… Hmmm indeed!  That would be a perfectly normal beginning of a post for someone dwelling in the Northern Hemisphere, but … Continue reading

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Stash Love

Helloooo!!! Happy Sunday to you… I hope you’re all having a happy one whatever you are up to!  I’m having quite the enjoyable weekend… after work last night we had a lovely evening with one of Raymond’s favourite friends,  his Aunty Wei … Continue reading

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Hellooooo!!! It’s an exciting day today, as it has been one whole year since Crochet with Raymond began.  I thought that it would be nice to celebrate this, and say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us … Continue reading

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Silk Garden 301- Dye Lot C and… errrr… E

Happy Easter! I’m not really one for celebrating Easter as I’m not religious, so it is not particularly relevent in my little life bubble, however, I’m always happy to partake in hot cross buns, and this year seem to have acquired a … Continue reading

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Sockfest Finale!!!!!

Helloooo!!! Welcome to the last sockfest post!  I must say, I’m quite excited to reveal my first ever pair of socks to the world!  It has been an awesome experience, I spent most of it marvelling at the amazing design … Continue reading

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Sock Towers

The rainbow socks are growing! Next comes the turning of the heel…. (gulp!) And I have discovered the deep joy of knitting with HiyaHiya needles… at $13 per set I was dubious about buying them, but it turns out they are … Continue reading

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Sock Boot Camp

Helloooooo!!! I’m back, well rested, de-germed and mildly more enthusiastic than I have been all week!  Thank you for your get well messages, you are such a lovely, lovely bunch.  I’ve spent the last week blowing my nose, knitting, crocheting, … Continue reading

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The Church of Noro

Hellooooo!!! And Good Morning!  Happy Autumn Equinox…. I’m feeling such an interesting and unusual energy around the place, it’s a big day for us here in New Zealand… not only is it the full moon and autumn equinox, but also, despite what … Continue reading

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