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I’m feeling like quite the lucky one today…  Two gifts in two days!  People who know me well will know I LOVE presents, both receiving and giving, it’s all good in my mind! Yesterday my lovely KB bought me a … Continue reading

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I found my “Soul Yarn” on the weekend at the Wonders of Wool market in Wellington… One beautiful ball of rainbow goodness is wonderful… But two is better! I’m back from a wonderful, incredibly busy, exhausting, rejuvenating two week trip … Continue reading

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February Sock Prep

I know, I know, more blue… this is one skein of Days by the Bay, one of the gorgeous colourways from Knitsch…. Added to the odds and ends from my other Knitsch socks… can I call them mini-skeins to make them … Continue reading

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Thanks to a mammoth effort on KB’s part this morning, I estimate that we are 97% packed and ready to leave on Monday morning! We have had an enormous week of ‘lasts’ and saying goodbye and now have the weekend … Continue reading

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Slow Yarn

Still a little baby, thank goodness!  Richie is the beginnings of the ultimate “slow yarn” experience Are you all familiar with the slow food movement?  I personally think slow food is the best there is, that processed food does so much damage … Continue reading

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Fight, Flight or Knit

Hellooo!!! Greetings from FREEZING COLD WELLINGTON!!!!!!  Oh my goodness it is cold!  For the first time today, I had to go out wearing a hat and jacket, I haven’t done that since September and I have to say, I didn’t … Continue reading

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New Day, New Yarn….

  Hellooooo!! It’s lovely to have you pop by today!  I was wondering if I’d have the Pixie Jacket in its completion to ‘voila’ today, but it’s taking a lot longer and a lot more Noro than expected, and a small hood … Continue reading

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Self Care

Dear Alice, Congratulations on finishing all of your course work for your couples therapy paper, it was complicated but you got there in the end….. Please accept this gift to self, a packet of beautiful hand-dyed silk that is almost … Continue reading

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A love affair with Noro…

Helloooo!!! Did you notice?  I’ve had a change around….. de-cluttering my blog if you like… new background, new header, NO PINK!!!!! It feels all fresh and new when it pops up on my laptop, quite summery in fact, and I … Continue reading

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Resolution Number 3

Hellooooo!!! I hope this post finds you well and happy!  I’m going to show you some gorgeous wool today, and of course, explain my third resolution, which I’m very excited about and wonder if you might like to join me … Continue reading

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