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Hellooooo!!! As promised, the June mosaic!  I discovered that cutting it and pasting it from facebook worked a lot better than uploading… I love my June mosaic…. May’s mosaic was a bit harder to create as I was in the … Continue reading

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Three skeins of Seraphim

Hellooo!!! And how are you today?  Well I hope! You may remember the photo above from THIS post, going back a few months… I bought this beautiful 100gm spiral of fleece with the intention of getting my lovely Mum to … Continue reading

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Hellooo!!! Happy Sunday!  I’ve had a different type of Sunday today, it’s my Mum’s birthday today, so we’ve been out doing fun things, celebrating, eating far too much cake (me, not her so much) and visiting our fave yarn shop of … Continue reading

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Machine Washable Mishaps…..

Hellooooo!!! And Happy Thursday to you!  Even though I’ve been posting quite frequently lately, I wanted to post the scarf I finished last week, otherwise time will go by and like many other projects, I’ll forget to post it and … Continue reading

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Gifts from the Magic Wheel

Hellooo!!! Thank you for all the kind comments about my new obsession!  It was lovely to read through them and I’m glad you liked Fire Cracker, it certainly is a feast for the eyes.  I thought I’d show you what I’ve been … Continue reading

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My new obsession!

Helloooo!!! I hope you’re all having an enjoyable weekend!  It has been raining here, pouring actually, perfect weather for indulging in new obsessions….. Are you ready to see mine?! Here’s a clue…. Oh yes yarn-madness has truly taken hold of … Continue reading

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Helloooo!!! I’m just quickly popping in to say hello!  We’re having a busy week here… Well, I am, Raymond not so much… he is doing his usual cycle of sleeping, eating, washing and playing with his mouse!  I on the … Continue reading

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Rabbiting Cont.

As I write this post, the scent of those gorgeous little flowers is wafting up my nose and I love it!  They totally brighten up the beginning of winter.  KB hates the smell of them, yesterday she said she thought … Continue reading

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Sock Perfection!

Helloooo!!! And Happy Saturday to you!  I’m usually working on a Saturday, but took some holidays to have a weekend break after a heavy week of class, and it has been such a cool fun day, much better than working … Continue reading

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Hooking some happiness…..

Helloooo!!! I’m sitting here at the window, experiencing a particulalry beautiful dusk… it has been grey and misty for days now, but the cloud cleared this afternoon and it was lovely to see the sun!  I walked home from polytech to make … Continue reading

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