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April has been a month full of cowls and knitting warm winter goodness… much-needed winter goodness!  We keep getting freezing cold snaps, and then days and days of sunshine and no need for the heater… Strangely, I’m wearing socks, cowls, mitts … Continue reading

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Rainbow Blessings….

Hellooooo!!! Rainbow blessings are just what we’re needing here in Wellington… we’re in the middle of a rip-roaring Southerly which I’m starting to hope goes away soon!  Summer was so long and hot, it has been a bit of a … Continue reading

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Silk Garden 301- Dye Lot C and… errrr… E

Happy Easter! I’m not really one for celebrating Easter as I’m not religious, so it is not particularly relevent in my little life bubble, however, I’m always happy to partake in hot cross buns, and this year seem to have acquired a … Continue reading

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When did my cat turn into a supermodel? He’s making lurve to the camera… Or maybe not…. Cheeky bugger!

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Do you dare to wear a granny square?

I’m not sure if I’d manage a granny square evening dress…. But I’m loving the cowl I made last week and have been quite excited to show you! I must apologise for the photos, I’ve cropped them right down this … Continue reading

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Sunday Love

Hellooo! It’s been a while!  My first ever full week without writing a post, but here I am, Raymond on my lap, purring like he hasn’t been on my lap in a year, popping in to say a quick hello!  … Continue reading

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More Tea?

Hellooo!! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far!  I am, work finished at 6pm last night (Saturday) and now I’m a free agent for two days which is quite thrilling!  Life is moving at quite a slow pace … Continue reading

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Mid-week happy things

We’re half-way through the week and I’m feeling the need to count my blessings, so here goes: 1.  Drinking tea in the sun, and using the tea cozy I knitted from irreplaceable, ridiculously precious mum-spun wool, and knitting Mad Hatter … Continue reading

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Sockfest Finale!!!!!

Helloooo!!! Welcome to the last sockfest post!  I must say, I’m quite excited to reveal my first ever pair of socks to the world!  It has been an awesome experience, I spent most of it marvelling at the amazing design … Continue reading

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Ever since I started writing my Mum’s flower shop blog, I haven’t had a single picture of a flower on my own blog!  I take the pictures, then put them on hers and don’t want to do a double up, … Continue reading

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