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Helloooooo!!! We’re taking a break from socks today… Only, and I repeat, only because it is April 1st and I need to post my March mosaic! Because trust me, I’m all about my socks right now…. had you noticed?  Right … Continue reading

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Turning the heel…..

Step 1:  Knitting the heel flap!  A reinforced one to be precise, and what fun it is to slip one knit one for 36 rows! Step 2:  Turning the heel and learning a new skill!  Picking up stitches. I spent … Continue reading

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Sock Towers

The rainbow socks are growing! Next comes the turning of the heel…. (gulp!) And I have discovered the deep joy of knitting with HiyaHiya needles… at $13 per set I was dubious about buying them, but it turns out they are … Continue reading

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Sock Boot Camp

Helloooooo!!! I’m back, well rested, de-germed and mildly more enthusiastic than I have been all week!  Thank you for your get well messages, you are such a lovely, lovely bunch.  I’ve spent the last week blowing my nose, knitting, crocheting, … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for….

Thank goodness for big crock-pots full of delicious hippy soup, so full of garlic I’m nervous that I’ll reek for a month…. Thank goodness for hot lemon and honey drinks, orange juice and Bundaberg lemon lime and bitters…. Thank goodness … Continue reading

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My Chair

Helloooo!!! Happy Tuesday to you! I’ve got the day off today and KB does too which makes us both very happy!  I had a couple of lovely, lovely people leave me comments on the last post with links to photos they … Continue reading

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The Church of Noro

Hellooooo!!! And Good Morning!  Happy Autumn Equinox…. I’m feeling such an interesting and unusual energy around the place, it’s a big day for us here in New Zealand… not only is it the full moon and autumn equinox, but also, despite what … Continue reading

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Scallop Fest

Hellooooo!!!! And how are you all today?!  I’m exploding with colour here today, totally thrilled with how my photographs turned out, bursting with excitement that they are just popping off the page at me!  Last week, during the possum merino … Continue reading

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The REAL adventures of Raymond Meowski!

Hellooooo!!! I’m sorry about the cryptic, wordless post I posted this morning!  I went to save my draft and turn off the computer, but accidentally pushed ‘publish’ instead of ‘save’ and watched in horror as it published!  Whoops! Never mind, … Continue reading

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The Mad Adventures of Raymond Meowski

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